Friday, May 30, 2008

Going Going Going!!!

I am soooo Behind! Why cant life just stop for two seconds so I can have time to blog about it all!! :) Wow, this past week has been so fun! On Saturday dad suprised Taylor and I with tickets to fly to California on Sunday night and go to Six Flags on Monday! Just the two of us! We were pretty stoked!...and shocked to be honest! Here is a little about our quick trip!
This is sunday a few hours before our flight left. Tay needed a hair cut and we decided to bleach the tips for fun! He has never done it! It turned out pretty good, a little too brassy of a color, but it has already lightened up from the sun! :) ididnt reallly hit us that we were really going until we were at the airport just because it was such a suprise! It was a little weird packing for one day. We both just packed a carry on...
Here is us, being excited to fly. Taylor has only been on a plane a few times ever and he loves planes, in fact...he has always thought about being a pilot! I guess we'll see!
Us, on the plane! ... It was a pretty quick flight...only about an hour and a half! They served us crackers and Sprite..we were excited about that! :)
Okay, so super long story about the airport... but, in a nut shell...we waited for just about 3 hours for our ride! We had some really good family friends who were coming and ended up at the wrong airport! So we just chilled and listened to music...and enjoyed not being in Utah!
We got pretty bored and we both got a little hyper... :) Tay had no clue that I attacked him with tags...funny story! I was laughing uncontrolably about it all weekend...
Tay stayed at the Madsen's house! We love their awesome family! Johnny, Brigham and Tay

Our First ride at Magic Mountain! BATMAN!!! I love roller coasters!! They boggle my mind!

This is the whole gang! Tay, Kristi, Johnny, Maurica, Me and Brigham! was a great day! Ideal weather...not too hot or too cold...gotta love Cali weather!

The flight home was absolutely gorgeous! was a quick trip, but so fun! I had a great time with Taylor. We both needed that! Thanks so much Daddy!...we love you!

After mom picked Tay and I up from the airport, we went and visited my cousin Cory's grave. Cory passed away about 7 months ago. We miss him and feel so blessed to know about the plan of happiness and about life after mortal death. We love you Cory and your family! Cant wait to see you again!The Cemetary was incredible. So many flowers. I was touched by all of the support that was shown to those people who have died by their friends and families and even some strangers...

Monday, May 19, 2008

SO much to Be Grateful FoR...

I have recently been doing my best to recognize all of the things that the Lord has blessed me with. My greatest joys come from being with those i love. Little Christian is so sweet and i cant help but feel of his strong and special spirit when i hold him. Im so thankful for him.
My little nieces are so wonderful. So loving and so entertaining! Another Joy! I love my mom so much and hope that I can be half the mother that she has been! She truly has a heart of gold and i am blessed to be at home and have the chance to learn from her daily.


For Neen's birthday, Barrett threw her a suprise BBQ in the back yard! It was a great time. Muching, Mingling and Lovin this spring weather! SOOO fuN! Love you neener. You are amazing and I love having you in our family!
Jeanine is soo beautiful, and besies that she is soo talented.
Jeanine is a fabulous cook and she is always helping with dinner whenever she comes over!
Jeanine is blessed with happiness. She can put a smile on anyones face!

Jeanine loves is so good with kids and loves babies!! She is going to make such a wonderful mommy one day!!

It's not letting me write between the pictures anymore!...But I a few more things. Jeanine is very caring and sensitive to others and their feelings. She is very aware of everyone around her and wants to make everyone feel loved. She is supportive and encouraging. I love that she is such a hard worker, but loves to play hard too! :) Cant wait for POWELL! I am so grateful for the happiness that she has brought into Barrett's life and our whole family!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

More Hair Hair Hair!

I am really enjoyoing my new school! I am getting to know the girls more and more, which is so nice. :) Fun girls! this picture we are in the pedicure room. We have been doing tons and tons of pedicures lately! Girls are pulling out their flipflops! We have been doing a lot of "GEL TOES" they are pretty fun and only ten dollars! So call me and i'll make anyone an appointment!

This is Kendra, Me, Jordan, and Liz
I know that katie is all over my blog, but it is because she has gone to three proms this yeaR!!! SO we did her hair really special for her school's prom! Her and Taylor looked so great!
Here's the back! Love ya Katie Girl!
Tay before the big night!
Katie ended up being voted Prom Queen and Taylor got 1st runner up for the King!

Monday, May 5, 2008

The Hair Show!

I went up to the Peerless Hairshow today! It was great! Madi and I drove up together to the expo center. There were a bunch of classes going on... I learned some awesome new cutting tecniques! And of course I had to stock up on some of my favorite products! They had some awesome deals! My favorite deal was 2 cans of Alfaparf bleach for twenty dollars!!! It is awesome bleach! Love it. And I just love Sexy Hair Products...I also picked up an up-do book for some more fun ideas :)
There were some pretty crazy styles...Lots of really girls with gorgeous hair...and lots of extreme girls with not so pretty hair! haha But it was great to expand my vision of all the possibilities!
This is one up-do that I would love to try! Isn't cool lookin!? Goodness, I love the hair industry and cant wait to finish school and get started!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Baby BOY!

Our new sweet nephew....this little one is an angel. Full of light and innocence. What a blessing to hold this precious miracle. I'm so glad that Mommy Stephy, and the baby are healthy and doing well! Now... if he just had a name! :)

A New Up-Do!

The last time we did Katie's hair, we did a low side curly do...this time I wanted to try something a little different. I learned this twist-braid like thing...haha! What Do ya think??
My favorite thing to do is still styling and fancy or funky hair...I love being able to take what i know about the person while taking in account, their personality, their dress or outfit for the evening, their face shape, and what they are hoping for...and putting my own creativity into it.
Haley and Katie :)
Here's one that is a little more funky! So fun! Love this!