Friday, January 18, 2008

A Night With The GIRLS!

Stephanie and Jake needed a night out. I was so excited when they asked me to watch the girls!!! It was so stinkin fun! Savvy has a hard time when mommy leaves...but it only takes a few minutes for her to warm up to Aunt Haley :) Yay!
I wanted to do something fun with the girls,
something a little creative so I jumped on-line and looked
up some fun childrens activites! (Isn't it so nice to have the internet!!)
We ended up Breaking Crayons...which Savvy enjoyed!! :)
Next we pealed the wrappers off the crayons and shaved
them with a pencil sharpener into seperate piles according to colors.
Then we took wax paper and Hallie wrote her name on the wax paper with
a marker and spinkled the crayon shavings all around her name.
We put the paper on a cookie sheet and popped them into the oven on 300.
With the light on we were able to watch the crayons melt
and spread, making a pretty design!
Hallie loved it and couldn't wait to show her mommy and daddy! :)

We ate dinner on the counter!! (Hallie's idea)... Chicken noodle soup and Pears! YUMMY!

Savvy and da puppy Beau
Hallie couldnt stop singing the James song
from James and the Giant Peach. LOL I Caught her in action.I was dying laughing at Savvy putting on her
Pj's all by herself. :)
It was such a fun night. Lots of laughing and singing!
I love these girls with all my heart.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Sometimes I feel like I dont have very many exciting things to share...

Hair School all day and work most nights...

SO I decided I would start taking pictures of some of my clients!

One of the nicest girls at my school asked me if I would give her extensions. I really enjoy doing them and they turned out pretty fun! :) Genna likes to be crazy. She seriously changes her hair from one extreme to the next monthly. She is so funny. Im grateful to have her there!

Holidays 2007

This Christmas season was special for me. I was blessed to feel of its true meaning, and enjoyed getting involved and carried away by the spirit of the Christmas!

I don't have very fun pictures unfortunately...
But there were a few things about this year that stood out for me...

  • Enjoying Christmas Lights all month long, they looked so great this year!
  • Of course the beautiful christmas decorations everywhere! Our home at Christmas time is seriously so darling and cozy! THANKS MOM!
  • Shopping with the family for our Sub 4 Santa families. (What a neat opportunity)
  • Buying Cans for the Holiday food drive in my ward.
  • Giving home-made gifts and cards.
  • Seeing and spending time with those I love most.
  • And Christmas Eve with the Helsten's, Grandma and Grandpa Greaves and the Taylor family in Steph and Jake's new home.

They looked espeially good this year!

This is the board I made for Steven for Chirstmas!

I'm so grateful for Taylor

Stacy and I on Christmas Eve

Heidi and I...I have the greatest sisters!!


*A home-made blanket from my best friend Abbey.

*A replica of a first edition of the Book of Mormon from Steven.

*Jessie Clark-Funk's new CD entitled 'Everything Speaks His Name' from mommy

*And my new laptop :) From Santa...Thanks!!

The Whole Gang :)