Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday, 18 May 2009
Miss Orem 2009-2010 crowned on Saturday

Daily Herald
Chelsey Ingersoll, a graduating senior from Mountain View High School, was crowned Miss Orem 2009-2010 at the annual scholarship pageant on Saturday night at the SCERA Center for the Arts in Orem. As the new Miss Orem, Ingersoll receives $2,750 in scholarship money. She plans to attend Brigham Young University this fall, and to pursue a career as a pediatric cardiologist.
First runner-up in the competition was Alexis Hatch, a sophomore at BYU majoring in music therapy, who was awarded a $1,120 scholarship. Also named as attendants and scholarship recipients were Emily Jacobsen, Graceann Jacobson and Whitney Bunker.
In the talent competition, Ingersoll performed a sizzling tango/cha-cha dance number.
In response to an on-stage question about what has been her proudest accomplishment, Ingersoll responded, "Tonight, it was walking on stage in a swimsuit." She then added, "Waking up each day with a smile" regardless of circumstances.
Ingersoll also won one of several extra scholarships given -- the $200 TIFIE (Teaching Individuals and Families Independence through Enterprise) Award. The recognition was presented by local businessman Robert Workman, who established TIFIE as a nonprofit humanitarian organization in 2007.
A $500 community service award, given by Orem's mayor and City Council, went to Chelsea Dean. The $100 contestants' award -- voted on by the pageant participants -- was awarded to Haley Johnson. Ashleigh Dickerson received the $100 award from the pageant committee for her participation and attendance at pre-pageant workshops, and Alyson Sabin was given the $100 director's award for "most growth through the pageant experience."

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Alot to Blah-Blah-BLOG about :)

We'll start with this one! My Little brother is seriously all grown up. It is kind of sad...but so great! I have had such a great time being at home with him this past year. I look up to him so much. He is such a good man. I could go on and on...but I'll mention a few of my favorite things about him. I love that he always wants me to "LOOK" or "Come See THiS!" He is fasinated and so smart. I remember teasing him really early on about always making us watch this or that. It makes me giggle inside. He has really worked hard at the piano....and I love to hear him play. He had a great ear and knows how to make his songs sound just right. Recently I had a fun time helping him ask his date Kylie Pittard to his Sr. Prom. We put manikin heads on her porch with a sign that said...."AS you can see, i'd Kill to go to prom with you...haha" Kinda creepy but super funny. He and i ran it to the porch and ended up leaving our camera on the porch were we could record her reaction. We laughed hard about it once we waited long enough to get go grab the camera back :) Fun times... Here is he and I right before he ran out the door for his last High School dance! He looked so handsome! Love you Tay!

My little nephew turned ONE!!! HE is sooo stinkin adorable. I can't keep my hands off him..I always want to hold him. He is such a happy baby, and a sweetheart. He is starting to get really busy and curious. We celebrated his birthday over and Stephs house. We were all there! We watched him dig into the awesome cake that steph made for him. It was a big green worm that said Happy Birthday Christian Bug :) SOOO CUTE! What a darling little boy he is! Mekelle's getting married!! I'm thrilled for her and Kyle. They are adorable together. This is the apron the Grandma Johnson made for her! It was also wonderful to see my Aunt Memselle!

This is a part of the gift that we gave to Mekelle for her Big day :) We did a three gift deal...It went something like this:
1st bag labled: what YOU want to wear...(Some comfy pj's)
2nd bag labled: what HE wants you to wear...(a couple different nighties and things :))
3rd bag labled: what you WILL wear....(lipgloss and lotion)
Another Wedding! This is Alicia Williams from my singles ward, I got to do her curls for her wedding! It turned out beautiful! CONGRATS!
I treasure the times when family gets together. I LOVE LOVE LOVE being an aunt and so much enjoy the company of these little ones that bless my life. I feel so grateful to have a forever family and be sealed to those I love most.

I've been able to enjoy the temple as often as I can. Last time was there the man performing the baptisms was blind. It was neat to see him able to perform these important ordinances and with those being baptised reading him each name, he would repeat it and finish the ordinance. It brought a special spirit that to the temple and everyone who witnessed it that day.
This picture is of me, Christy Breyer, and Amanda Christiansen from my singles ward. Christy is widowed and has a little one at home. I was her visiting teacher for a while. I love her. This was the first time after a long road that she had ever gotten to be in the temple. I had a nice time being with her for that experience and reflecting on why we do certain things as i would explain to her.
I also got to go last week with Taylor and Dad to do some family names. I especially love to go to the temple with my family. My love for them grows as I get to experience such a heavenly atmosphere right there with those who mean the most to me.
These are my Starlight girlies! Steph wanted someone to teach Hallie and a few of her friends a performance. So with her help we did a show together. It was almost a little play...we did these songs: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Stand Out (A goffy Movie)
Toot Sweets (Chitty-Chitty-Bang Bang)
Fabulous (HSM)
Spoonful of Sugar
Let's Go Fly a Kite (both Mary Poppins)
When you Wish Upon a Star
They all did such a cute little job. We made their tu-tu's and did the performance in Stephanies church relief society room. It worked out perfect! Thanks to all the girls and their partents!
Andy, Hallie, Mckenna, Hailee, and Rylee
Taylor, Mom and I and Pam were able to join Grandma and Grandpa for Monday family home evening dinner. It was such a great time spent with them. After dinner, we played domino's and grandpa had Taylor and I laughing so hard. We love you both so much!! Sidenote: I love being in their lovely home. It is always so clean and orderly. MY grandma is such a great decorater and has done some fun fun things with ther kitchen and living room. I admire her and her humble heart and happy spirit. And my grandpa is a machine...he does soo much! So active and generous!

Last but not least....I have been preparing for the Miss Orem Pageant for is coming up next Saturday the 16th. I am getting really excited and nervous! I'll let you all know how it goes! Thank you to all of those who have been such a wonderful support though all of this!