Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Whole Month of JULY in ONE Post!!

What a fabulous month this has been!! So wonderful and still so much to look forward too. Here are a few of the highlights!


What a great trip! Perfect weather, great water, amazing family and lasting memories!

4th of JULY:

Spent with family and a visit from my best friend! What an incredible holiday! Im so grateful to live it this free country! Yay for the Promised Land!


Had some time to do some catchin up wit friends...Of course it is always while im cutting their hair now! :) Im just grateful for the time to chat!

Spencer and I! We werent too fond of eachother the first night we met and then...I dont know what happened....I think he decided to sweeten up :) We went to Cafe Rio and got some dinner and then back to my house for his haircut. It was a nice evening!

Below is one of my best friends Siri. Siri is incredible! We sang together in a group called ECHO and then had the chance to go to school together up at BYU-IDAHO. We were able to do even more performing together up there and make some wonderful memories together. We are going to sing at her uncles funeral this weekend in Idaho. Im love singing with Siri, she is incredible and she means so much to me! OH and we got together and I made her a Blondie :)


Oh man, seeing David in concert!!!! I fell in love! (Not that I wasn't already!) CRAIG and I went to dinner and to the show up at the East Center. I had Such a great time!!!!!!! Great company, great music!! Thanks Craigory


3 months left!! Still pluggin along. I have made some awesome friends!! THis is Connie and I on break...Please no more theory!! ...how bout a client :) Jessica, Haley and Con-Bon

Another day...we Can do it!!!


Bradley has joined our family for a few sunday dinners this month. I have such a fun time being with him. Things are going well! Isn't he oh so handsome :)

The next week...

Bradley comes up to my school every once in a while to take me away for lunch! :) This was today, thanks for the yummy sandwich Bum :)

We had the opportunity to do our first payed show together....we sang for a party in this beautiful yard/ranch in Farmington. It was so gorgeous! We each sang a couple songs and then we did 3 songs together. We have had such a great time learning and performing together. It has been interesting getting to know eachother better in that atmosphere. We each handle our stress and nervousness differently but when we sing together, things are so comfortable. I look forward to sharing our passion for music and making more memories together! FAMILY NIGHT:

We had family night at Grandpa Greaves home and then we went over to the Lindon Playhouse to see a play called "Never Kiss On a Park Bench"... we all laughed so hard. Here is a picture of Taylor and I with the cast!


My school was part of the American Fork parade on Saturday. A few of us walked in the parade and passed out flyers and combs for advertisement. I have so much fun with these girlies! After the parade we all headed to Wingers for lunch. It was the best Saturday that I have had a school!

Im going to miss My good friend Alexa, she graduated this past week! I have loved being around her. I have learned so much from watching her. She is incredibly talented and i have been blessed to be around her.


Last but NOT LEAST, I take my practical test for my hair licence on Thursday! Im so nervous! I really just want to pass and get it over with. I know i will feel so much better when it is over! Bradley is out of town this week and wont be around when i take it. I came home to some pretty flowers, a treat and a sweet note, wishing me good luck. He is so thoughtful! Thanks Baby!!