Sunday, October 19, 2008

October thus far....

It started out with hearing from our prophet and apostles and other church leaders at General Conference, which was wonderfuL!...I loved each session! A couple of the talks that specifically touched me was Pres. Uchtforf's talk on Hope, Elder Worthlin's, and Elder Holland's talk about angels. It is such a blessing to have a living prophet on the earth today! And I look forward conference every six months!
This month we also got to celebrate my brother-in-law Jake's birthday! We all went out to Texas Roadhouse, it was crazy busy, and a fun and loud envoirnment! I love Jake! He is such a stud! He is such a good husband to Steph and dad to Hallie, Savvy and Christian! I love being around Jake, Im so glad he is in our family! Hope you had a great birthday!!

So being graduated has its pro's and con's! I love being in the salon! But it also means I don't get to see my favorite girlfriends from schooL! I Miss seeing them everyday. So after a week haha...I planned a dinner night! we went to the pizza factory! I was so glad that it worked out for most of us! Yay, i got to catch up with the ladies, such a great time!

A couple weeks ago, Me and my buddies Baden and Jason went on an intense scooter ride down by the lake. It was one of the first colder days this month...and it was seriously freezing! But awesome! I dont ride our little scooter that often, cause i get off and im all smelly. :) I need to go more!I got to have a fun night out with one of my besties Chelsea :) We got to chat and go out to comedy sportz one night this month. I love that place! It was so fun being with her. She is always so full of smiles and always makin me giggle. Im so grateful for her friendship! When she showed up to my house...we were wearing almost identicle outfits!!!! This is Me, Amanda, Melissa and Stacie getting all ready for the masquarade ball! When I heard about it I got so excited! Any excuse to put on a pretty dress and get all fancied up...I'll TAKE!! We went stag and met up with a huge group of friends most of them from our ward. We ate dinner in Tucci's....mmmmm, so yummy and then headed to the dance! I had such a great time!! I love to dance! My legs are still sore! I couldin't stop! :) The masks were a fun change too! Craig and I went with one of his mission buddies and a date up to the Moonlight Lift at Sundance! It was another cold night! But so gorgeous! I wish I would have done it a few times earlier in the season!
Hot Tubbin at Kev's house! This was the first year I have really ever appreciated hot tubbin, i was never a big fan....but I have done it alot this year!!! It is so relaxing, especially after being on your feet all day! I want to have one someday!

Last night .... last minute Abbey called me and we went to dinner! I hadn't seen her in months! We went out and ran into Brit and her roomates! So we stole her for a bit and chatted. Good food, good of my favorite things to do!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Da Bebes....

I love these little ones sooo much! I got to babysit Christian and Savvy the other day and I am in aw at their sweetness!! I cant stop smiling and kissing their cheeks off!! mmmmm!!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


I am finally graduated from hair school! Im so excited! I have learned so much and can't wait to get started! My graduations ceremony was on Wednesday! Here are some pictures... Mom and Stephy and Christian and Hallie were able to make it. Daddy was out of town BUT....
I have the best family ever and they planned a lunch together on Friday! We went to the Pizza Factory. It was a great time! We missed Jeanine bean. Thanks everyone for your love and support!!! It means soo much to me! One free hair cut for all of you ;)

These are some of my best hair school girlfriends! Liz, Jordan, Kenzie, Connie, Madi, and Suz :) I am going to miss being at school. I really had a great experience.
The day of my graduation I cut Savvy's this is her one short, one long side turned out so cute! She looks darling with short hair! :) Then Craig and went to dinner. For his California Pizza Kitchen...It was SOO yummy! Thanks Craig :) And Happy Birthday!! WOOOOO!!!

I am working at LUSH STUDIO in Orem...on State Street! So if anyone needs to be pampered...come see me! And thanks to everyone for your love and support!!