Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm REALLY alive!!!

Our family took a nice vacation to California! We stayed right off the beach on 32nd street on New Port Beach! It was one of my favorite trips ever! I was trying to figure out what was so different about this one for me...and I've come to the conclusion that as you get older....sometimes the meaning of vacation changes...And for me this trip was so relaxing! Where as usually I'm looking to play play play! We did do a whole lot of fun things but I sure appreciated the travel time and quiet times as well.
New Port beach was so gorgeous! This was taken from the pier at sun-down.
Taylor and I enjoyed people watching! The lifestyle is so different. I went running 3 or 4 times along the ocean side. There are a ton of people that are out and active....running, biking, surfing! After doing the beach one evening our family took a long walk to find some dinner. We ended up at this little shop just off the beach! I had the yummiest veggie-burger ever! This is also where I saw the most attractive surfer dude! :)

My favorite part of the whole trip was the last day when we rented beach cruisers and road along the sand and around town! It was super crowded and we all had to weave in and out of the people! But the bike ride was definitely the best part for me. PS>..Tay took this picture, my fav from the trip!

Heidi and I by the docs
We did Disneyland and California Adventure for 2 days! I wasn't too thrilled when I heard that was the plan. But I was wrong! It was such a great time. Fun with the little kids as well!
My favorite was the parades. I love the music and lights! They do such an incredible job! And to think that they do it all every night!!!
Taylor, Dad and I...resting our feet. We were all tired and hungry...but none of us wanted to move! haha My favorite ride was Space Mountain, Tower of Terror and Screamin'! oh ANNNNDDD the teacups with little Savvy!
Over all it was such a great trip! We missed Barrett and Jeanine but look forward to doing it again with them!


Dad, Barrett, Taylor, Kyle Hansen, Michael and I went out to Deer Creek to go boating! It was such a nice night! I don't ever remember the canyon being so green and this time of was truly breath taking!

I can tell that my body is in better shape this year! I'm able to ski longer than ever before!
Michael and I hangin out on the boat!
I AM ALSO STILL TEACHING COSMETOLOGY AT MATC...We had a BBQ with all of the instructors and girls. I really enjoy the ladies that I work with and feel lucky to be doing something that I enjoy so much!
This last week I taught about Make-up and Smokey eyes Technique! I love teaching because I learn so much as well!
I AM ALSO SINGING IN JENNY PHILLIPS CHOIR...I auditioned right after the pageant and made it into her choir. I participate in firesides with her and the group monthly. It is such a great way to share the spirit through music. I hope that it opens up new opportunities for me as well! Remember the Journey is the theme of this years youth fireside. I LOVE ALL OF THE MUSIC!
Last night we went up to grandma and grandpa Johnson's home to see family! For the program, Grandma shared a little bit of her memory about her grandmothers and then read a poem that grandpa wrote about his mothers apron. In the poems were shared memories of her pockets filled with pen, paper, string, goodies, and whatever that was needed. He mentioned that her apron had wiped tears with love and been a symbol of her service. Afterward Grandma presented each one of her granddaughters and laws with a home sewn apron with our names on it. I couldn't help but be overwhelmed at her kindness and thoughtfulness. She is incredible!

Justin's Birthday! did that name come about?? I'm not is just him! I have always loved Justin. As I have gotten to know him more over the last few years, I realize what a great addition he is to our family. A quiet example of kindness. Besides that, he has also become such a great joker. We LOVE to hear Justin laugh and tease...what a strong couple he and Heidi are together. Happy Birthday Juice! Hope ya know how much I love you!

My Amazing Syblings

I haven't had a chance to write about Barrett and Jeanine both!...Both of there birthdays were a couple months back. I have to say, I feel so grateful for my relationship with them both individually. I think the world of...

Jeanine and her many talents and her wonderful understanding of life. She is always willing to lend a listening ear and always gives great advice. I am so thankful for our friendship and feel like we are becoming better and better friends all the time.

Barrett...what a heart of gold. Ever since I was a young child I've always been drawn to my older brother. He is my greatest support in developing and sharing my talents. He is so wonderful to me. I think I like most about Barrett is he is his smiles, hugs and giggles...we always have a good time!

I love you both and hope you know how much I appreciate your goodness! Happy Happy Belated Birthday to you both! I love you!