Thursday, September 25, 2008


I have had alot of things on my mind lately and I am very grateful for the Lord helping me through a few rough days. As I am considering what salon I would like to work at, what other job I should work, what school I should attend, if i should serve a mission, and who I can reach out to around me....

I ran across D&C 58:27...veriily I say, men should be anxiously engaged in a good cause; and do many things of their own free will, and bring to pass much righteousness; For the power is in there wherein they are agents unto themselves. And inasmuch as men do good they shall in nowise lose their reward.

What a blessing the scriptures can be. Im very grateful for them and thankful for the Love of the Lord in blessing me with peace through this scripture.

PS, Sorry to whoever was offended by my last post. I wasnt trying to sound bratty and rude.

Friday, September 5, 2008

The Events of AUGUST!

So much happened in the last couple weeks of August, Im not sure where to start!! Lets start with the most important events!...


What a special occasion to celebrate! We were able to go to dinner as a family up in Midway..and that is where all of the fun began. Heidi had taken charge and planned an incredible evening for my parents. We started at dinner each presenting our parents with a gift and explaining our feelings and expressing our gratitude for them and their lives together thus far. We then presented them with a book, a special one that Heidi spent hours and hours putting together. With everyone's help, we gathered pictures, journal entries, and wrote heartfelt letters that were included. It turned out beautiful and is now a treasured possession. We then made out parents close their eyes as we drove them to Jake and Steph's condo in Midway where so many friends and family were gathered to suprise them!!! What a fun thing to witness this suprise! There were friends from their college years, and even family who had traveled hundreds of miles to join in the celebration. The night turned out wonderful. There was music, decorations, munchies and more memories created. Thanks to everyone for all they did to make it happen! And thanks to Mom and Dad for giving us something so special to celebrate. We love you!


We were able to get together for lunch at the Olive Garden to celebrate Stephy's birthday. She is such an amazing woman, and I love spending time with her, Heidi and Mom. It's starting to get harder to get together for birthdays...with her little famliy growing, with husbands, and crazy schedules!!! But it is always such a joy when it works out! I love you Stephy! More than you know! And I hope you enjoyed your birthday as much as I did!
Out for dessert after dinner! I forget the name of the place...the most divine frozen yogart!

It was so fun to have Ed and Monica and family over for a BBQ and an evening together before Micheal reported to the MTC. I love my handsome cousins! Sheesh, aren't I so luckY! It was great to hear his testimony and hang out with him for a bit before he took off. Michael is going to be an awesome missionary! Thanks to everyone who came over, it was a fun time!


One of my best high school girlfriends had her little birthday get-together! There were so many of my awesome guy friends from high school! Most of which are all returned from their missions. Watching so many friends go out and serve and then return is a neat experience and a strength to my testimony of the true gospel and the importance of missionary work!

Brittany, Abbey and I were able to go out to dinner later in the week and catch up! Im so grateful for the friendships that i have had with both of these amazing, talented ladies! Thanks for having a birthday and giving us girls an excuse to finally get together!! :)