Thursday, September 3, 2009

An incredible summer!

The summer of 2009 has been one to remember! So many exciting things have taken place! This is a picture of my girlfriends and I at Jordan's shower. Kenzie and I threw it for her! We had a great turn out! This is at Jordans luncheonThe Reception was beautiful! we had a hair party after Jordan was back from her honeymoon....i was the last one to get weaved and so of course the cameras come out when I am lookin hot! :)
Kalai concert with Quinton, Kenzie, and Ryan!
A way fun evening!In my Stake singles ward, I was able to serve in the relief society presidency and I planned a campout for all the ladies, it was wonderful
Christy and I
Shoppin with my girls and forever XXI
Roller blading through provo canyon was gorgeous! I love the mountains!!
Kelsey is an instructor that I work with at MATC !
She's MARRIED!! Weird!