Sunday, November 8, 2009

Kenzie's Cabin!!!!

4-wheelin in up! Fruitland! It was such a great time! We went up there and went on a night ride, then came back and had a fire and roasted starbursts and hotdogs and played the couch game! It was such a great time! Me, Ky, Kenz and Alexa

Amanda, Jamie, Me, Kenzie, Ian, Kiley, Jeff, Yance and Jason

Halloween Baby!

I got to be Little Bo-Peep for Halloween! IT was such a fun time! After a bit i did take off the hoop skirt because I was such a wide load! haha this is us at our ward party!
Night out with the girlS!! All of the roommates! Mica, Haley, Alexa, Kenzie, Kiley, and Dallas! Dinner at The Olive Garden yum!Carving Pumpkins