Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Girls Week!

I finished off 2008 with one of th funnest weeks of my life!!! :) With a few of my girlfriends from hairschool, we went up to Alexa's parents home in Eden, for a little get away. After the drive up, we headed to Dinner. We were in Ogden on the older blvd. And went to one of Alexa's favorite places. I cant remember the name of the cute little place to save my life!! But all that matters was the fun company and the yummy food! This Pic: Me, Alexa, Jordan, Connie, Madi, and KenzAfter dinner we went to the new expo in ogden, and went to a place called FLOW RIDER for Indoor surfing! OH my gosh, ive never laughed so hard in my life! It was hard!! So hard...infact, i was NOT good at it. But it didnt was a blast!JordanMadi, Connie, Me and Kenz
Connie and I...we were a mess afterward! hahaThe whole group!!!
Afterward we headed up to Alexa's home and got in the hot tub for a bit, played games, and watched Notting Hill. I love Julia Roberts! :) We woke up in morning to this...Everything was sooo pretty!! We made crepes for breakfast and got in our winter gear!
We played in the snow for a while and then Alexas brother and friend hooked up a car hood as a sled to the snowmobils and took us on rides!!!This is us! Getting ready to HOLD ON TIGHT!Eric and Preston We has such a great week together! Much needed for all of US!
New Years I headed up to another Cabin with Abbey and her cousin. We made this awesome Louge, there was sooo much snow!!
Abbey and I on the rooftop. Such a fun night. Another nice cabin/home to sleep in up in the mountains. I enjoyed the snow more than i have in a long TIME!!! :)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Eve and Day!

Our home is always so cozy but especially around Christmas...I love our real fire place and all the lights and sets the mood for a nice warm christmas!
Christmas eve, making dinner and enjoying and daddyTay, Dad, Barrett and Neen
Taylor and I. We all watched Elf! Hillarious.
Christmas morning I woke up fairly early. Santa had told us to not come up until nine! So i woke up tay and we read and played some ping-pong. After we went upstairs, he and I made breakfast and then we all ate together. We opened gifts somewhere around 10:30 a.m. Some of my gifts included....My running shoes, work out clothes, Some nice jewelry, perfume, and a couple shirts. Oh and of course we had aunt pam over for gifts. Its tradition. After we were done opening gifts we headed up to Steph and Jakes house to meet with the whole family. Taylor and I showed up like this......
We dressed up like WHOOOO's and sang "Where are you Christmas" hehe so fun!

Aunty Pam and her new Teddy Bear!

Christian and I and Hals and I....Children make Christmas even more fuN!

Holiday Cheer!

This season has been wonderful! This is the gift exchange we did with all my girlfriends from hairschool! We drew names and then met up for dinner at Paradise Cafe! mmm YUM~

Me, Jordan, Madi and her baby Mattix, Alexa, Suzannah, Jessica, and Connie!Tay and his buddies made a giant snowman that has been just outside our street! It is soo cute! I made him a hat! I have really enoyed all the snow this year! My dream of a white christmas came true!Dec 23rd we had our annual party with the Helstens and did a sweater partY! It was fabulous! We ate ruben sandwiches and had a program and the kids acted out the nativity. It was a very nice evening. We just love the Helsten family!Heidi and baby Christian Tay and I...