Thursday, April 30, 2009

Heidi's Birfday!

APRIL 22nd...A Day to CELEBRATE!! This is one of the greatest reasons why I love my sister! Look at that face. Look at that sass, she has the greatest personality! It is so fun to hear her giggle, and burst out into her loud, contagious laughter!! Besides her happy spirit Heidi is my best friend. My sisters all are. I feel so blessed to know that no matter what, Heidi will be there to support me and give me a listening hear and always wise, comforting advice. Her testimony is obvious to anyone who talks to her. She lives what she believe and her countenance shines because of it.

Happy Happy Birthday Heidi!
You deserve all of the best this life has to offer you! I love you!
Some of Heidi's talents:
She will make you laugh when you wanna cry, and when you cry anyways, she shows a sincere and genuine sympathy
She Prays for her family and friends and is so thoughtful
She is the cutest little wife
She is smart and greater than that, wise.
She always looks gorgeous and has a nack for fashion
She is an accomplished dancer and teaches
She knows the gospel well, can explain it with love, and lives it herself
She is so well-rounded! She can do anything that she tries
She is a college graduate (public relations)
She is now working as a dental assistant with one the most successful dentists in the country
She can sew and is artistic
She has created a beautiful worthy home
She knows just when to call or send a loving text or make a phone call
She is pro-active and will get the job done (trust-worthy and reliable)
She is confident and believes it others as well....
Thanks for always believing in me heidi! You're the best!
Cousins lunch, celebrating Heidi's friendship to each one of uS!
Regan, Steph, Lindsay, Me, Heidi, Angie and Jill

We went to Rumbi Grill and Red Mango with the girls (missed Neen)