Monday, August 11, 2008

A Fabulous Weekend

Friday night I went up to Draper to my friend Siri's house. We all gathered there together to watch her open her MISSION CALL! We all made our guesses.... and when she opened her call...

She was called to serve in the FRANFORD GERMANY mission! She couldn't stop smiling. Siri is going to be an incredible missionary! She has taken a couple years of German and is thrilled about her call! I'm am going to miss my best friend. But cant wait for her to share the gospel! Saturday night...kind of a long story. So Bradley and I broke up a week from today (last monday)...we had plans that next Saturday to go to the show at the Hale in Salt Lake. I was so excited to see the show and had told him that he better take me :) Because of the break-up, that wouldn't be the plan. I recieved a phone call from him. He told me that he knew that I wanted to see the show and said he wanted to give me both of the tickets so that I could take someone else. I told him to keep the tickets. The next day my friend Craig asked me out for that Saturday. I said yes and he told me that he wasnt going to tell me where we were going. When we got off the exit for the Hale Theater, i started to panic inside! AW, if he took me to that theater....oh my gosh. He asked me if i knew yet, where we were headed...I guessed the Hale and he said YES! Oh my gosh, i bout died. I got sick to my tummy. And told Craig that Bradley was going to be there! He immediately said "Nope." He proceeded to tell me that Bradley and emailed him and asked Craig to take me becausee he knew how bad I had wanted to go. And he also knew that Craig and I are close close buds and that he wanted me to be able to go. I COULDNT BELIEVE IT. I didnt know what to say. So, iI teared up instead. Aw, we went to the show. And I LOVED IT!! Thanks so much to Bradley for being so thoughful and Craig for being such an awesome friend and taking me up there and to dinner as well! Love you both!
Seriously this show was soo good! It is called 'BIG' I would suggest it to everyone who is looking for a fun evening! I quick funny my teeth started hurting during the second act and I knew that i needed to take a pain killer or i wouldnt be able to enjoy the rest of the show. We didnt have any water and I couldnt just leave...I was wondering what i could do. Craig pointed out that the older couple next to us had some water. He dared me to sneek it. :) I waited till the lights went down and quickly took a sip. LOL it was intense. Craig teased me the rest of the night, that his dentures were in that water! EW!! haha we laughed about it the whole night!

Hair Hair Hair!

A new girl at school came to me with a pic and asked me to cut her hair...Of course I said yes, i love cutting! THe picture was pretty intense! it would be my funkiest yet! But I took on the challenge. Here's how it turned out...

I used a razor for the whole haircut! I think it turned out great. SHE LOVED IT! :)

And here's an updo that i did this week! I do alot of them, they are my favorite!!

Wisdom Teeth DRAMA

So last Thursday was the day! I was scheduled to finally get my wisdom teeth out. Here I am
almost 21....I should have gotten them out 3 or 4 years ago. BUT, we finally made the appointment. The surgery went well. The Oral surgean did told me to expend a few days recovery. So the first couple days go by, not too bad. I was feelin some pain, but the worst was no food. I had a few visitors...Bradley came everyday for the first 4 days. HE brought me these darling flowers, crystal light and some soup. Another time he brought a movie and a Jamba....he spoiled me. :) My friend Craig brought me a jamba as well. So days and days went by, and I was still feelin sooo yucky! i think it was day 6 my friends Siri came over and brought me icecream, and read the first couple of chapters of "Breaking Dawn" to me. THANKS SO MUCH TO MY GREAT FRIENDS! So finally 8 days had passed and my whole lower mouth was still throbbing all day. I decided to call my dentist. He told me to come right in. I told him my story and he took pictures of my teeth and ended up right there filling a cavity and starting a root canal!!! He said that my surgery had triggored the pain!!! NO WONDER I WAS DYING! He couldnt believe that I was okay with him numbing my whole lower jaw...but i wanted it over with! So I came home drueling..haha but im finally after 2 weeks getting back to normal. Still taking pain killers daily, but am finally on my way back to recovory!! YAY!!

This is what i looked like for days and days.....Bradley took this one.

Check out those cheeks!!

Friday, August 1, 2008


My Friend Siri Stone and I were asked to sing at her uncles funeral in Idaho. We did the song from Wicked called "For Good" We went up thrurday and slept over at her Grandmothers house in Idaho Falls. The Funeral was held on Friday morning. It was a beautiful service. My deepest sympathy to their whole family at this hard time. How lucky we are to have supportive families and wards, and of course to know about life after death. We are so blessed!

The Stone's have a cabin up in Palasades, after the funeral we headed up to their family gathering and reunion up there. It was so fuN! We stayed in their little cabin. ANd boated all the next day!
Siri and I We had beatiful water... and the pines all around the lake we breath-taking.
Tj's new little wife Annaleese and Momma Stone!
Chelsea, and the gals
Gettin our square Ice cream Cones!

Drivng back from the lake to Grandmas

So sad to go home :( Sad day! But thank you sooo much for the awesome trip and the opportunity to do what I love best. Singing and Skiing all in one weekend! SOOO FUN!