Monday, February 23, 2009

CeLeBraTioN!! was a Par-Tay! After Gregs farewell all my family came back to our house for dinner, dessert and play time. :) It was such a great time! I am so glad everyone was able to make it. I seriously have the greatest family ever! Dad got me an itunes gift card and a mat to stand on in the salon to so I dont hurt my back from standing. Heidi and Steph got me a little necklace, some body spray and these darling pj bottoms. Barrett and Jeanine picked out a scarf for me and a singing card! lol Taylor wrote me the sweetest card and got me a pair of headphones for the gym! Im Loving all of my gifts! Thanks sooo much family. Love you forever and ever..and ever :) ....and ever!

On sunday we were able to attended my cousin Greg's farewell. He is off to Colorado Springs. He did such a great job on his talk. I was very impressed. Besides that greg is a hottie :) He loves to work out and is a bit of a cowboy as well. I think the world of him and so do all of his nieces and nephews....he is wonderful with children, and I'm sure...the favorite uncle! We will miss him...but pray for his safety and success!
Then I was able to go see Grandpa Johnson in the hospital. He has had his up and downs since his stroke. It has been an emotional time for us all. How grateful we are to have the gospel and to know that this is not the end. I sang 'How Great Thou Art' to him. He nodded his approval. :) I looked at him during the last verse..."when Christ shall come, with shout of acclimation, and take me home what joy shall fill my heart." I saw the understanding and life in his eyes. I love my grandpa!

Birthday Weekend Posts

My birthday weekend was so fuN! It started with Taylors fabulous Disney choir concert! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time! It was the most entertaining choir concert that I've ever attended! Very impressive, from the performers and soloists Alex Boye, to the costums and make up, all done by Paul Mitchells School. Mom, dad and I went. Daddy wasnt feeling well...and ended up rushing to the bathroom to throw up :( NOt fuN! But mom and I quite enjoyed ourselves! Way to go Tay Ray, you never cease to amaze me.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Wow, where do I start??!! I had the most exciting opportunity to go spend 2 weeks at The Fitness Ridge in St. George. My cousin Michelle and her husband Cameron opened the spa. It has come a long way! What they have created is incredible. They call it a "compassionate bootcamp!" :) It truely was! Our schedule everyday looked like this:
6:00 am- Open gym (They had some great machines to work on....I would either walk for a while or work on my arms...a couple of mornings i snuck in the wood room and danced :) )
7:00 am-Breakfast (They didnt serve any dairy products, and we were on a 1200 calorie per day diet.)
8:00 am- Early Morning Hike (We would split up into groups...either 101, Stop Sign, Intermediate, or Advanced. Michelle challenged me to do the advanced....the first couple of days i wanted to die...but they eventually became bareable. I really enjoyed the hiking after the first mile or so...Snow Canyon is beautiful! I found it very rewarding looking back and down and seeing what i climbed!)
11:00 am-Back at the Ridge I would grab a piece of fruit always feeling anxious for lunch.
11:30 am-Yogaloties or Aqua class
12:45 pm- LUNCH!! WAHOO!!
1:30 pm- Either a food demonstration, Nutrition lecture or open gym
2:30 pm- Class...(Core Training, Treading, Circut Training)
3:30 pm- Class...(Kick-boxing, Hip-hop on friday :) )
4:30 pm- Gentle Stretch...(Never felt gentle, but was great!)
5:30 pm- DINNER!!!! yay! I was always ready!
6:00 pm- Lecture

**After the day was over I either hopped in the hot tub to sit...haha or headed back to Cam and Michelles house. I enjoyed so much being with them and their family. After a long hard day, being the only LDS member at the camp that week, coming home to a home full of the Spirit was a huge blessing. Cam and michelle have a unique ability to spread happiness. Often I would walk in and hear laughter. Their kids are kind and very capable. I grew to love their family even more!! Thank you so much for your generosity and wonderful examples Michelle and family! I miss you!

I also had the opportunity to share the gosple with a few of the people at the camp. What a neat and growing experience that was for me. My testimony was strengthened and I am more grateful for the gospel than ever before!

St. George and the beautiful BLUE skY
Cam and Michelle's beautiful children!! Trey, Brielle, Kade, and I didnt get a picture with their oldest Bryson!
Jamie and I. She and I became great great friends! She is from Colorado. We were inseperable for two weeks! Everyone thought we were sisters!

This was probably my favorite Hike! It is called saddle. Talk about a quad workout!!!

On our way back in the vans....all sweaty :)

A couple of the guides...Kari and Cody

This is where we would eat each meal....These are some of the greatest people ever!