Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas is Coming!!!

As the season continues, I have had many thoughts and felt much gratitude for the experiences and people who bless my life....

Reflecting about our Savior and his birth, life, and infinate atonement, I feel so blessed to have the knowledge that I do. The spirit has testified strongly to me this holiday season of the holiness of this celebration. And I have enjoyed the activities that are preparing my heart to be ready for Christmas....

The music that played around the holidays is one of my favorite things! With my calling as the ward choir director, I have felt such a power from the music we have learned and sung so far and look forward to our Christmas Program this sunday. We had the Stake Choir concert this past sunday. My niece Hallie sang a solo and then my choir continued the rest of the song. She sang it flawlessly! I am such a proud aunt! We did two songs from the Children's Song Book. Stars Were Gleaming and Once Within a Lowly Stable. My calling blesses me and I love my choir, they did a beautiful job. I love that they sing from their hearts.

This year it will just be Taylor and I for Christmas Eve and morning, and then later will be joining the rest of our married syblings and their families. It is amazing how life and situations like these make you appreciate eachother and grow individually. I have loved living at home with Taylor Ray. He is constantly makin me giggle if he is not tickling me or hiding behind a dark corner ready to jump out and scare me!! I think the world of my little brother and so proud of him and his many accomplishments thus far... it is truely astounding, his talents and capablities. I am most proud of his determination to be a worthy priesthood holder and besides being worthy. He is active. Always looking for someone to serve, pray for, or visit. I love to listen to his heartfelt prayers and hear his insights about the gospel. He is very smart. It will be fun to be with him this year. Love ya Tay!Little Savvy had her 3rd birthday! I learn so much from being around children. They teach me patience. I love that they ask so many questions, live simply, but imagine greatly! What a joy it is for me to be Aunt Haley! OHhhh, I love it! Happy Birthday Bobby. :)

I had the chance to go up to the Conference Center with some friends and hear the Tabernacle Christmas Choir. I love visiting this building. It is an incredible sight watching each row fill up with people. The Prophet and Elder Uchtdorf were both there! And after the program got to hear a few words from them. The concert was angelic! I could have sat there all day!

Jeff and Aubrey, Craig and I
I Love my singles ward! These were some of the men singing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer!
Kay and I ( I have made some wonderful friends in my ward)

The Bomb Bishipbric!

We did gingerbread houses this week, I thought it was sooo fun! I love getting creative. Everyone's houses turned out darling! ANd So different from eachother. Tay and I did ours together.
Heidi and I
The girls worked on a gingerbread Train!! IT was so cute! Gettin started...
Juice and Hals, playin paper dolls. very manly Justin.

Stephy working on Heidi's house...I think Steph enjoyed it as much or more than me!
Dad is such a perfectionist. Cracks me up to watch him. Cute house daddy!
And this would be US!Christmas Dinner and gift exchange with the girls from Lush Studio. I am really enjoying working there. All the girls are so fun and very talented. I think we have a unique group!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Wow time sure flies!! I'm always so excited for this time of year, so Im not just seemed to come super fast this year! We were going to go to a church for Thanksgiving this year, and let me tell ya....none of us were too thrilled about the idea! I think it is pretty neat that our family has grown so big that that is an option. But, with only 30 of us getting together when momma Sheri decided to offer our home for the gathering, we all got excited! A lot of work, but sooo worth it! Look at how beautiful everything turned out! Thanks to everyone who helped! Dad and Tay on the yard, Sue for bringing the table cloths and center pieces, and mom for her endless vaccuuming! OH and EVERYONE FOR ThE DELICIOUS FOOD! It turned out to be such a nice day!
This is my excited/hammered face and hair after everything was set up! And my happiness after we found my mommy's diamond that had come out of her ring!!! ( a whole other story!)

Mom and Grandma Greaves :)
Me and my Grandma and Granpa Greaves!!
Heidi and Juice, after a very satisfying meal
Jilly, Stacy and Angela
Jeanine bean, Barrett, and I just relaxin

Breanne brought candle warmers and scents for us to order!
Some of us girls
Jeanine, Shaelyn, me, breanne, Heidi

Okay so that is all the pictures that I took on Thanksgiving Day, but my goodness, the weekend had just started!! That evening I did gel/glitter toes on Heidi and Mom and Uncle Bob came over and we all hung out and watched a movie. Then the next day I spent with Steph and her kids....We played, did more manicures and pedicures and put some foils in Steph's hair. And that evening we went to Barrett and Jeanine's house to watch the Jazz play. It was a great game! We beat the Sacramento Kings and laughed really really hard at some awesome Boone commentary. :) We then headed over to Red Mango for a treat! I havent laughed so hard in long time! We were all on a sugar high or somethin....there was dancing, and weird talents revealed haha! Here are some pictures....I think the few people around must have thought we were nuts. We decided that we are going to have a family valentines dance this year..I cant wait!

Showing off our hand talents....

The gang! We missed Steph and Jake and the kids!
OHHHHHH....and I had a visit from one of my girlfriends from Rexburg! We got to spend some time together :) This is one of my besties ...Lindsay Borg!Hanging out in our sweats...catchin up and eating our double stuffed oreos...mmmm!
We ended up having a sleep-over party :) Then miss Lindsay had to leave me....I was so fun t spend some time with her. My year at BYU-IDAHO are some of my greatest memories!Then last night I had another great night! Jason and one of his mission buddies and I went to wingers and then met up with a bunch of friends and played around for a bit...then watched Vantage Point. I fell asleep after the third repeat...not a fan of that movie. haha!
OHHH....ANNDD I have done alot of this, this weekend. :) Just relaxing, chattin and lounging in whatever a darn well please :) It was a wonderful Thanksgiving 2008 :) I have enjoyed the nice fall weather...although...I am dreaming of a white Christmas...where is the snow???!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Two Great Evenings!

What a great couple of weekends! I have been so lucky to get to do some of my favorite things ever!!!! This night started out with Red Mango...mmmm! And a night at comedy sportz witht the familY! I cant think of anything much better than that!!! I love that place! Probably their biggest fan!! (after Heidi :) ....this is jason and I and our yummy treats!
SOOOO...we went to take a picture with the star of the show. He looked back at me and in a deep serious voice said..."Tag Me"...(he was refering to facebook, if anyone is familiar with it, you can tag (send) pictures to eachother)....and I started giggling...then keep me laughing...he said. "Or Poke Me" (which is another facebook gesture)...and Heidi, being unfamiliar with the Facebook Language...took it literal and Poked him in the belly. (PICTURED BELOW) We all about died when she made the connection... She was on the ground laughing!!!!!! SoOOO FUN!
Another great night started out with a delicious dinner at the energy solutions arena where we would prepare (hehe) to watch the JAZZ GAME! The is Jon and I and his little brother and his girlfriend. Besides the yummy food and great company...We had FANTASTIC seats!!! Check it out...Announcing the game starters........ Tip off!! Went to us...And so did the Game!! WOOOO...we beat the bucks! What a wonderful way to end the evening!

Monday, November 10, 2008

My girlfriends are getting married!!

I attended two Bridal Showers this week! Gina and I went to elementary school together! We were best buds our sixth grade year!! We were seperated for Jr. High and then both attended MV highschool and were in Accapella choir together and cheered on the varsity squad our sr year! Gina is wonderful! Im so excited for her.... her shower was absolutely beautiful, gorgeous tables and an incredible dinner!

Olivia is getting married TOO!! haha what a fun time at her shower!! Olivia and I were in choir together as well and we also played on the MV softball team together! She is marrying an awesome guy from our high school! They are so cute! CONGRATSStuffed with Mallo's from answering incorrectly! haha thanks for the laughs!! :)
Our attempt to design her dress!US!!